The spirit of sport - The beauty of NBC culture

Date posted: 15/05/2018

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As a strong unit in the movement of physical training and sports representing the delegation to participate in the tournament at the "Youth Workers 2018" organized by the Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City in early May, the football team male NBC excelled in the championship. This activity of the Youth Union is part of the program of welcoming the Youth Union Congress at all levels, Workers' Month 2018 and in response to Uncle Ho's words "All people participate in exercise", creating a useful, healthy playground. save connection between young workers. On this occasion, the Board of Directors of NBC praised and commended to the team of the coach and the players of the team have tried their best to bring glory, honor and pride to the General Company.

The excellent NBC football team received the Cup at the big tournament organized by Ho Chi Minh City Youth League

Over 40 years of construction and development, NBC has been creating its own cultural identity. Not only prominent in the activities towards the community, bearing the humanity, social responsibility of a business with "mind" and "to", NBC also attaches great importance to promote the spirit of physical education sports for employees. Along with the sports activities are worthy of "respectable", May Nha Be staffs constantly maintain, promote and promote sports activities such as regular sports, football, table tennis, yoga, dance ... These activities have become an indispensable part of the spiritual life of every member of the NBC family, the bridge that connects people, Workers are more enthusiastic in production.

Sports Corporation is held annually to promote the spirit of exercise, communication connection

With the orientation of putting people as the center of development, the Board of Directors wishes to adopt sports and cultural activities in order to build up its own beauty in the NBC family cultural identity. An ideal environment for each individual to develop, thus positively contributing to the overall development of the Corporation.

Promptly commend and reward the coaches and players of the team



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