Vinatex: Appointment of high level executives

Date posted: 06/04/2013

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In the morning of 05 April 2013, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group announced Decision on Appointment of the Group’s Managing Directors. Attending and steering in the meeting was Mr. Vu Duc Giang – Secretary and Chairman of the Group’s Board of Members.

According to Board of Members’ decision, Mr. Pham Phu Cuong –Board of Director’s Chairman, General Director of Nha Be Garment Corporation - Joint Stock Company, Mr. Dang Vu Hung - Deputy General Director of Phong Phu Corporation and Mr. Pham Van Tan – Director of Finance Accounting Department are appointed to hold office as Managing Directors of the Group.  These individuals are well trained and have extensive practical experience working in Vinatex’s companies. Mr. Vu Duc Giang emphasized that the appointment of young key officials holding executive level positions is an important step to prepare for the succeeding leadership who will continue the implementation of the sustainable development strategy of the Group.

Vu Duc Giang - Chairman of Board of Members and Tran Quang Nghi - General Director gave the decision and flowers to newly appointed managing directors.

On behalf of the three newly appointed managing directors, Mr. Pham Phu Cuong thanked the Board of Members and Executive Board of the Group for their trust. He promised to do his best and use his extensive experience gained while working closely with Enterprises to well perform the counseling and executive work for the Board of Members so that the Group can achieve increasingly sustainable development. 

The Announcement ceremony was held at the head-office in Ho Chi Minh City

In the same morning, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group announced its decision on the appointment of Mr. Dang Vu Hung to hold office for a definitive term as Chairman of Board of Members cum General Director of 8/3  Textile One Member Limited Company as a replacement for Mr. Pham Hoa Binh – former Chairman of Board of Members and Mr. Phan Viet Hao - former General Director who will be assigned to other positions; the appointment of Mr. Pham Van Tan to hold office as Board member, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien - Deputy Director of the Group’s General Legal Department, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang – Executive of the Group’s Finance Accounting Department and Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung - Deputy Director of Accounting Department of Vinafa Dyeing Factory to serve as supervisors of 8/3 Textile Company.

Mr. Dang Vu Hung said that shortly after this announcement ceremony, the company executive board will meet and submit the report on development strategy of 8/3 Textile Company to the Group’s Board of Members for the purpose of completing the removal and the most efficient use of capital.


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